MP3 Chopper is a easy ringtone editor. Make your own MP3 ringtones by editing MP3 songs from your phone.You can easily chop your MP3 & WAV files and assign it to Contacts, Notification and Alarms.


  • MP3 Chopper supports MP3, WAV, AAC, MP4,and AMR files.
  • Assign wallpaper within MP3 Chopper. (Max. resolution - 1024 x768)
  • All chopped songs will be listed in history tab along with date and time.
  • Standard id3 tags support.
  • Music Title, Artist and Album editor


How to create ringtones in iPhone

1. Connect your iPhone to your USB port and open iTunes 2. Click on “Apps” tab, Scroll down to see the File sharing, Select “MP3 Chopper” and you could see the chopped songs, Now select the desired tone and click … Continue reading

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Android ringtones add value to your Android mobile

Android ringtones is something that almost every second person is looking for because every second person is having an Android mobile. Android is a very user friendly operating system and hence, almost all the major mobile manufacturers prefer to have … Continue reading

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Convert MP3 to ringtone for more ringtones at cheaper cost

You can convert MP3 to ringtone and this is one of the best ways by which you can keep your mobile occupied with ringtones so that you can identify the person who is calling without seeing the phone. You can … Continue reading

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Make ringtones with softwares and applications

If you are willing to make ringtones for your mobile then you can go ahead without any stress. If you make ringtones on your own then you can personalize your mobile than that of other people. If you start creating … Continue reading

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Make your own ringtone to be trendy

Make your own ringtone is something we hear at all possible places because ringtones on the mobile indicates a person’s personality. So everybody wants it to be unique than that of someone else who is carrying a mobile. There are … Continue reading

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Ringtone maker is necessary in age of personalization

As personalization grabs the society, mobile phones are not far behind in the race, thanks to the ringtone maker. A ringtone maker is basically an application which enables a user to convert any desired song into a mobile phone ringtone. … Continue reading

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